Daniela Vuotto - the 99% Agency

Daniela Vuotto

Pr, sales and logistics


I'm a little bit retro: I believe in the value of a nice chat and a kind, polite, and professional conversation. I like to know our customers in person, following them carefully one by one.

That's why taking care of sales means following the natural course, the customer care. I know the numbers are important, but the world is also made up of people, and I like to leave people, building long-lasting and long-term relationships to build numbers.

That is why for each project my main focus is the value of  the customer, that is for us closely linked to the commercialadvertising and sponsorships activities.


Eliana Zulato, the 99% Agency

Eliana Zulato

webmaster. marketing & communication


Music was my first love as a child. I have been focused on music and IT since my first job on a music software company.

I have been dealing with IT & software development for most of my work life, often focusing communication of complex concepts translated into plain and comprehensible words. 
Now, I take care of marketing, planning & IT for our Agency: implementing strategies on extremely challenging projects due to time, costs, logistics. 



Alexi Paladino, the 99% Agency

Alexi Paladino

photographer and fine art printer. DIGIGRAPHIE.


My father's great passion for analog cameras and the equipment he had available allowed me, from a younger age, to approach the basic techniques of photography and printing. The interest in chemistry and physics has facilitated the approach towards world of the Fine Art print.

Every work is made and printed personally, in my own laboratory, using the giclée printing technique Digigraphie® by Epson, a certified technique to attest to the use of high quality materials in art print Limited Edition (museum-quality).
The works must be printed on certified photographic media, using a Plotter 44'' Epson Stylus Pro 9900 and inks Ultrachrome® HDR that meet standards qualitatively required, which achieve an extraordinary color rendering.
Each work is then finished by hand, by means of protective techniques that allow color fastening, ensuring gloss and gloss duration over time.

To see my portfolio and my work, visit my website containing my portfolio or see my personal page on Digigraphie® by Epson





Paolo Luti

the blues rock music boss

Fifty years of experience in the music business and a brilliant brain make Paolo competitive and innovative to design projects and costs.