I° Blues in Capri Festival


4/5 August: Paul Venturi Trio

Paolo Venturi (guitar, vocals), Oscar Abelli (drums), Max Sbaragli (bass guitar, double bass) are great Italian musicians that can boast the most respectable international collaborations.


Their music merges soul, rhythm'n'blues, funk and rock'n'roll, to create an innovative formula that can entertain the audience in a show you can’t afford to miss.


Paolo Venturi

Paolo Venturi he's regarded as one of the most significant bluesmen in Italy. Still very young, he managed to impress the critics thanks to his debut album, "Shake and Fear Blues" (2007), mostly recorded in Rosemark, Tennessee; that work launched him in a career that saw him performing in many "Main Festivals", both in Italy and abroad. Particularly of note was his participation in the " New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2011" (U.S.A.).

Along with many winter tours with the singer and harmonica player J.Monque'D, he opened for some milestones of this genre: Carey Belll, Billy Branch, Ana Popovic - Blues Band and Eric Bibb.

Thanks to his exceptional talent and is devotion to the Blues, Venturi developed a personal vocal and guitar style that make him very convincing both live and in a studio.

With the trio "Paul Venturi&The Junkers" he won the most prestigious italian Blues contest (Italian Blues Challenge '15), that will make him Italy's representative in the "European Blues Challenge '16" (a contest with an international echo, as it is endorsed by The Blues Foundation of Memphis).

In "Blues in Capri" we'll see him with one of his best bands, with two lively musicians that represented the Blues in many tours everywhere: Oscar Abelli (drums) and Massimo Sbaragli (bass).



Max Sbaragli

Max Sbaragli Born on december, 1956, as many people from his generation, Massimo Sbaragli embarked on a path of sacrifice and determination on a road that saw him pick up a guitar at 14, to later choose a bass guitar as his companion.

He worked with renowned artists, and performed all around the world as a sophisticated guitarist, bass and double-bass player. He performed with Carey Bell and records 'So' di Blues' with Rudy Rotta. He toured with Luther Allison, Sugar Blue (Sanremo Blues Festival, Auditorium RAI), Jin Carrol, Karren Carrol, Lovie Lee, Shirley King, @zora Zora Yang, Steve Clayton, James Tomphson, Alberto Solfrini.

He recorded with Enrico Micheletti ("Something More" acoustic duo). He toured with Key Foster Jackson, Arthur Miles, Billy Gregory, Phill Guy, Ted Holl, Jono Manson, the great Louisiana Red in Europa tour.

He worked both live and in a studio with Bobby Solo, Etta Lomasto, Fabio Conti, Marco Pandolfi, Matt Sicchieri Band with Pietro Taucher, Pino Liberti, then with Bernard Gray, Matteo Monti, Antonio Gramentieri, “Last Minute Band”. In 2002, in team with others, he began a collaboration with Strade Blu. He performed with Bart Ramsey & Nety Vaan and recorded “Live in Italia”, from a concert in Forlì, mixed and produced in New Orleans.

He played with Doctor Ross, jammed with Elliot Murphy, the Kellie Rukers Band and live with Cortez; in 2007 he traveled to the USA where, in Tucson, he recorded "Gilgamesh" at Wawe Studio. He was a guest at the Masini Theatre of Faenza with Howe Gelb & Snow Angels, he toured with Hugo Race & Bill Elm. In a collaboration with Marco Poeta he resumed playing Fado and acoustic instruments, going back to classical guitar, then he went on a row of important concerts with Fancesco Di Giacomo, Silvia Mezzanotte, Ana Moura, Jorge Fernandez.

In a duet with Marco Poeta he recorded the Fado album "Saudade", then went on a tour of Portugal and he played Lisbon in a trio with Alessandra Losacco.

He met Paul Venturi while playing with James Monke D’ in 2010 and immediately recorded “Cold and Far Blues“ that, released in January, 2011, was welcomed by specialist press.



Oscar Abelli

Self-taught drummer and percussionist, he improved his style playing in the street, a real life school! He began a long fellowship with his friend Otello Gorreri, a great natural born musician.

In 1974 he began playing in theatres with his first band, Alta Marea, and shortly after with VIDYA.

He founded Qabala, Tamburi Lontani and Racso Trio & African Melody, the first inter-racial group in Parma. He played live with Larry Nocella and Massimo Donà (at the Fenice theatre in Venice), Giulio Visibelli, Mingiardi, and in Parma he opened for Chet Baker with the VIDYĀ. He got the 1st place in the Venezuelan top ten working with Hildegard Olivo in the vynil "Tamourè" (Polygram). In 1989 he began playing Blues with Comi, Rogati e Mazzer. He took part in the Salaise Blues Festival (France), along with big names like Carey Bell, Dixon, Louisiana Red. He played with Taj Mahal, Dik Heckstall Smith, Mike Waller.

He recorded "My Place is Close to You" with Tolo Marton, a record that won the Jimi Hendrix Constest 1998, in New York. He toured with Don McCalister Jr., Albert & Gage, he performed in festivals and exhibitions, he won international prizes like the 1st Place at the Musical Gran Gala as 'Best Blues Drummer'. He performed in "La buona vecchia Strada" ("The Good Old Road"), a Musical on human rights.

He's been working for ten years with the indie label Kaiman Records.


11/12 August: River Blonde

Stefano Tavernese (vocals, electric, acoustic and resophonic guitars, various string instruments), Armando Serafini (percussions)

When a bottleneck and a wooden box make a difference... Behind the name River Blonde hide (in plain sight) a few musicians from Rome in love with blues, slide guitar, groovy music. A match that is often surprising for the effectiveness of live performancs and a repertoire successfully mixing originals and covers, intense singing and rousing instrumentals. The duo is composed by Stefano Tavernese and Armando Serafini (percussions) in a highly rhythmic and sonic performance ranging from traditional Mississippi music to contemporary rock, sometimes contaminated by a touch of celtic melancholy or by an enthralling african dance beat. “They’re two… but they sound like four!” is the usual comment of those subject to RB’s barrage of sound.


Stefano Tavernese

Stefano Tavernese Eclectic musician, humorous and imaginative vocalist, since the ‘80s he has been ranging between traditional and ethnic music, blues, jazz, rock, with guitar, fiddle and any number of string instruments. He can boast many collaborations with famous Italian and international artists, ranging from the vigorous rock of GANG to the solid prog of PFM Premiata Forneria Marconi - Official, from guitar virtuoso Bob Brozman to the original reinterpretations of Renzo Arbore’s Orchestra Italiana, to the alternative rock blues of Bud Spencer Blues Explosion.


Armando Serafini

Armando Guit Serafini A secret (every day less so) of the musical scene in the capital; tens of thousands of views for a video that shows how to play great funky music just hitting every surface with your knuckles or with a set of custom wood and metal percussions, a.k.a. #guitarmandrum. Knuckles and Roll without compromises.

Don't call him "drummer", though. It's not a coincidence if his stage name is Guitarmando; indeed, Sir Guit is a full-fledged guitarsti and he mixed his original percussins with six, twelve and even eight (for the bouzuki) strings, playing with Mimmo Cavallo, Umberto Papadia, Piergiorgio Faraglia, the acoustic Led Zeppelin tribute "No Quartet" and Adriano Viterbini.


18/19 August: Mario Donatone Trio

Mario Donatone (vocal and piano), Roberto Ferrante (drums and vocal), Angelo Cascarano (bass guitar and vocals)



Mario Donatone

Mario Donatone One of the most valued blues and soul piano players and singers in Italy, with a long career both solo and as an accompanist, mostly for Afroamerican Blues and Gospel artists in their European tours (Eddie C. Campbell, Linda Young, Peaches, Les Getrex, James Wheeler, Harold Bradley), Soul (Herbie Goins, Beverly Watson, Michael Allen, Jimmy Holden) e Jazz (Crystal White, HABAKA KAY FOSTER JACKSON, Cheryl Porter). He also worked with important italian artists like Tiromancino, Neri Marcorè, Mario Biondi.

He recorded several solo albums and performed on TV and radio, reviews and festivals (Pistoia Blues,Trasimeno Blues, Porretta Soul Festivall, Roma Jazz Image). Together with Angelo Cascarano, guitar and bass player and vocalist, and Roberto Ferrante, drummer and singer, created a trio offering rich, moving sounds. Warm vocal harmonies lively with the force of the musical layers of piano and bass. Roberto Ferrante makes the ensemble dynamic and colorful, with his often percussive drumming, ranging from afroamerican sound to latin rythms with eclecticism and simplicity. The repertoire includes classics like Ray Charles, Steve Winwood, B.B.King, Neville Brothers etc., brought back to their roots. They also perform originals from Mario Donatone's album "Blues for Joy" The ambience is one of a fresh, spontaneous mix between intensity and the ability to captivate and perform in the most genuine bluesy tradition.


Angelo Cascarano

Angelo Cascarano Guitar and bass player and singer, Angelo Cascarano began studying classical guitar when he was 12, to later switch to electric guitar. He got a few lessons from Fabio Zeppetella, but he's mostly self-taught. He was in the Gnometto Band (a comedy band) performing in italian cities and taking part in several TV and radio shows (Zelig, Seven Show, Disney Club, Maurizio costanzo Show, Music Zoo, l'Otto Volante...). His passion for blues and rock brought him to work with english and american artists: Richard Sinclair (Caravan, Camel, Hatfield and the North), David Allen (Gong), John Maccaluso (Malmsteen) and Alex Masi. Beginning from 2005, he's been working with Mario Donatone on various projects, including the WORLD SPIRIT ORCHESTRA - Coro della Casa del Jazz, with which he shared various TV exhibitions (Il Tappeto Volante, Neri Poppins) and the trio with Roberto Ferrante at the drums.


Roberto Ferrante

Roberto Ferrante Drummer and sessionman, he was born in Rome on July, 18, 1973, and schooled at the University of Music in Rome with masters as important as M. Dei Lazzaretti, Claudio Mastracci, Ettore Mancini, Ellade Bandini, Fabrizio Sferra, John Arnold specializing in jazz-latin-fusion. Funky-pop-rock-reggae. Son of an accordionist, as a child he was fascinated by music and discovered his passion for drums at an early age. Besides the study of drums his passion led him to study percussions with African masters both in Italy and Africa. His versatility guided him to explore different facets of music traveling in different continents Completed his learning in Rome, he went to New York, where he perfected at the Drummer Collective. Then he went to London, where he lived for a time playing with an underground rock band from London. He traveled in the East for several years, from India to Sri Lanka, where he studied tablas and tackled ragga, a musical style of Indian origins; there, he played with several local bands, merging his drumming style with the sounds of Indian ragga. Thanks to these influences, he composed several pieces that showed the integration of different musical cultures.


25/26 August: Reverend and the Lady

Reverend and the Lady are Mauro Ferrarese (resophonic guitar, 12 strings, banjo and vocal) and Alessandra Cecala (double bass and vocal).


Reverend and the Lady

After some years of collaborations and concerts, these musicians join their experience and knowledge for this project. Mauro Ferrarese is knew for almost 20 years of solo performance and couple of albums of original songs and Alessandra Cecala for several years of activity live and in studio.Both were members of the Red Wine Serenaders. Their repertoire is mainly composed by a selection of prewar music from the south of the States and original songs. So from afroamerican tradition of countryblues, spirituals, ragtime, deltablues, urbanblues with some taste of folk and oldtime music from east coast. These influences inspired Alessandra e Mauro for carrying out their 2 albums. Tracks from ol' Station (2012) Chapter Two (2013).


1/2 September: Niki La Rosa Trio

Niki La Rosa (voice, guitar), Roberto Luti (slide guitar), Massimo Gemini (voice, saxophone)


Niki La Rosa

Nicholas York La Rosa The son of an Italian father and a Scottish mother, born in Glasgow and grown up in Livorno, Italy, Niki (Nicholas) La Rosa picked up a guitar at the age of 10 and was soon writing his own music. Thanks to his famous musician uncle Ian Campbell (“Gerry Rafferty and many others”) and the rest of his musical family, Niki developed the taste for blues, country and folk music which had a reflection on his own style.

His first album “Highways and Skies” was produced by his uncle and recorded in London in 2006. Ian Campbell and some other great British musicians took part, like Pete Wilsher on pedal steel guitar, Phil Aldrige on drums, Tim Huskisson on piano and clarinet and Jerry Bloom on fiddle and Niki’s cousin Siobhan Campbell on backing vocals.

In 2010 he recorded his second album “Intrio” with two musicians Roberto Luti (“Playing for Change”) on slide guitar and Massimo Gemini on saxophone. The album contained songs both in English and Italian. Since then, Roberto and Massimo have become Niki’s permanent music partners and they have spent a lot of time together performing at different venues and on the streets of London, Rome, Lucca and Livorno.

In 2012 Francesco Nuti, a famous Italian actor and film director asked Niki to present his new song “Olga Tu Mi Fai Morir”, the soundtrack of his new film “Olga e i fratellastri Billi” at the Sanremo Music Festival, but was not selected. A music video was produced for this occasion which later won an award at PIVI, the Italian Independent Video Music Award. At about the same time, Niki produced another music video, called “Father”.

In 2013 Niki recorded his third album “London Journey” produced with Marco Baracchino, and released it in 2015. In August 2014, Niki took part with Roberto Luti in the “Playing For Change” project doing vocals for the song “Lean on me”. The video involved musicians worlwide and was commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation “The Art of Saving a Life” campaign, an effort to improve children’s health across the globe.

In the same year Valerio Groppa, a talented Italian film director, selected one of Niki’s songs “When You Look Into My Eyes” for his film “Gran Finale”. In 2015 Niki recorded the soundtrack for the film Il Colore dell'Erba - The Colour of Grass by Juliane Biasi... The film is due to participate in several international film festivals, will be shown in cinemas across Italy and presented on the Swiss National Television Channel.

At present, Niki is based in Livorno. His new album was recorded in January and is to be released soon.


Roberto Luti

Roberto Luti Roberto Luti was born in Livorno, Italy, in 1977. He grew up hearing and listening to the blues and rock & roll records his father, a big time music lover, played in the house. Luti picked up the guitar around the age of eight, and his dad taught him the basics. He continued learning mostly on his own, loving playing the guitar and trying to match the lines and the tone of the guitar players in old blues records. As a teenager, Luti played in a few bands in the Tuscany area, then at age 22, he embraced his old National steel guitar and went to the United States. He was searching for the blues and for adventure, and wanted to travel playing on the streets and living life. He went to New Orleans in September 1999 and left to Italy in 2008. He claims that New Orleans taught him a lot, about both music and life.

Luti met Playing For Change in 2002, while playing in the street of the old Big Easy. Mark wanted to come down to New Orleans to film street musicians, and needed advice about the scene in the City, so he got a number from a friend (Keb’ Mo’) of a New Orleans musician (Anders Osborne) and called it. Luti happened to be sleeping in the house and answered the phone. When Mark told him what he was up to, Luti explained that he played on the street every day. So Mark went down to the City, the two met and got along, so they kept in touch and became friends. Luti feels proud and honored to be able to help the Playing For Change cause with his music.As he explains, playing music is my life, it is how I meet friends, how I have good time, how I overcome difficulties, and how I travel and buy my bread.

These days, Luti plays both on the street, and tours with the PFC Band, a rock/blues trio called TRES, and some of his good friends from New Orleans and around the world: Niki La Rosa, Luke Winslow King, Lynn Drury, Washboard Chaz. Luti also loves to be involved in other socially active musical projects such as the Caciuk Orchestra and One Eat One Band, both located in Livorno, Italy.


Massimo Gemini

Massimo Gemini Born in 1974, he has been playing since he was a child and, in 1995, he joins Snaporaz, with which he works at the recording of the movie 'Ovosodo', directed by Paolo Virzì, he records "Ovosodo e il ritorno della micronite" and 'Tantalana', under Sony Music. He plays a role in the movie "Baci e Abbracci" by Paolo Virzì, where he also works at the soundtrack. In 2000 he leaves Snaporaz and works with a few local groups, as: Guerrilla Farming, Carneigra, Group-One, Bimbo, Fantomatikorchestra, Magicaboola Brass Band, One Eat One Blood Brothers. In 2006 he becomes friend and starts working with Niki La Rosa; later, in 2009, the meeting with Roberto Luti gives birth to the "intrio" project, where he still plays and works. In 2014 the Niki La Rosa Group is created by adding Piero Perelli and Marco Bachi. With Niki La Rosa he records "Intrio", "London Journey” and "US".




The concerts will take place every:

  • Thursday in Bar 'Garden', via Roma n.50, Capri - starting at 8 PM

  • Friday in ‘Le Ondine’ Bar and Bathing Establishment, via provinciale Marina Grande, Capri - starting at 6 PM

How to reach us:

  • ‘Capri Garden Bar’ (5’ by walk from Piazzetta ‘Umberto I°’)

from Porto di Capri: stairs up to via Tuoro, then via Acquaviva.

Or by funicolare, taxy, bus to ‘Capri’ or ‘San Costanzo’. 

  • Lido e Ristorante ‘Le Ondine’ (5’ Porto)

from Capri or Anacapri: stairs down to ‘Porto’, then via Acquaviva and via Tuoro.

Or by funicolare, taxy or bus to ‘Marina Grande’. 



Free entrance



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